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Darius Maxwell MN 01-20-2010

Darius Maxwell, 17

MN, St. Paul

January 20, 2010

Valarie Girouard MA 07-30-2010

Valarie Girouard, 47

MA, Hampden

July 30, 2010

Christopher Farmer WI 05-13-2010

Christopher Farmer, 41

WI, Cadott, Chippewa Co.

May 13, 2010

Brian Fahey MA 08-28-2010

Brian Fahey, 28

MA, Cambridge/Medford

August 28, 2010

Abinadad Rivera-Cintron 05-26-2010

Abinadad Rivera-Cintron, 18

MA, Holyoke

Formerly: CT, New Britain

May 26, 2010

Alvin Bradberry WI 04-04-2010

Alvin J. Bradberry, 29

WI, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co.

April 4, 2010

2009 We Remember




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2009 Statistics (coming soon)

The above alphabetical links are for the pages to those Remembered by last names with information that we’ve been able to gather.  If there were more than one person murdered at the time, the names will be listed under the “Primary Victims” last name.

Listings by State


Please, if you are a family member or friend with more information, please share so that we may share your loved one with others so that they can see and understand Domestic Violence better.  I understand first-hand how it feels to lose a loved one to DV, and while we can’t bring them back, we can help make sure someone else doesn’t die the same way.  We can make their deaths mean something!

Below is a listing of Names to be Remembered…


Chadwick Abernathy
Matthew David Albert
Sabrina Alcantar
Holly Anderson
Kathryn ‘Katie’ Rose Anderson
Maryse Antoine
Linda Auger
Mary Esther Avellaneda
Jerry Avant, Jr.
Louise De Kler
Lillian Dunn
Tessie Garner
John Goldston
Bessie Hedrick
Margaret Johnson
Jesse Vernon Musser
Dawn Axsom
Linda Braden
Paola Aguilera Ayala
Miguel G. Guerra
William Baker
Fabiola Rodriguez Bastida
Abby Alexander Baughn
Mary Beaton
Shereen C. Beaulieu
Nettie Becht
Luis Diaz
Richard Bostwick
Nancy M. Bradley
Joyce S. Breitkreutz
Dawn Brooks
Teigan Brown
Mylin T. Bullock
Yumeka Caldwell
Denise Caraway
June P. Carlyle
Misty Lynn Carter
Amanda Leigh Caskey
Heather Broke Center
Johnnie W. Chapman
Geraldine Chico
Kezia Clinkscales
Rex Andrew Cockman
Latasha A. Coleman
Brittany Givens Copeland
Christine R. Craig
Officer Richard Crittenden
Edilize Cruet
Ana Cruz
Vernon Cumming
Crystal Ann Curtis
Jon David
Ashley DeWitte
Teresa Ann Dickerson
Steven J. Dolittle
Robin Dunwoody
Edgar Dupree
Wallace William ‘Bill’ Earle
Tonya Earley
Jessica Gabrielle Michelle Pannachia-Ellis
Kenneth Erving
Ashley Nicole Fimbrez
Carol Fisher
Catherine Flores
Luz Forty
Jose Fuentes
Yennifer Karina Fuentes
Yuliya Galperina
Unborn Child
Patricia Garcia
Danielle Gary
Alice M. Gill
Christine Gollon
Ashley Kettner
Griffin Kettner
Jaquelyn Larue Gore
Miki Greaves
Kaitlynn Griffin
Lisa Grondin
Vivian Hall
Aaron Ham
Alexis Hancock
Gerald Hardy
Janet Harris
Pauletta S. Harris
Angela Hart
Terra Hasleberger
Myesha A. Haynes
Tammy Hellard
Tammy Lynn Henry
Lisbeth Hernandez
Rodney Herron
Valery Hett
Deonna Hiatt
Yolanda Nikkia Hill
Amanda Hines
Sherry Hines
Julie M. Hinkley
Anne M. Hoffer
Isabella Hopf
Debra Houser
Angela Hudson
Sgt. Mickey Hutchens
Bernice Jackson
Robin Lovada Jarvis
Sally S. Johnston-Huddleston
Auston G. Blanks
Jason Lee Joy
Tracy Lynn Judd
Deja Renee Adair
Amber Weigel
Neveah Weigel-Adair
Jonathan Kiziah
Cynthia Tillett Knighten
Officer Allen Pearson
Touch ‘Jennifer’ Choum Lambdin
Misty Lamoreaux
Shoua Lee
Jessica Sintara Lee-Morgan
Jennifer Linnear
Gracie Locklear
Jacob Lord
Karina M. Luna
Brittany March
Detarius Martin
Kathleen Martin
Tiffany Marvin
Melissa Matern
Gabriel Matern
Raiden Matern
Kathryn Maxwell
Connor Maxwell
Cameron Maxwell
Kirby McClain
Margaret McCormick
Margaret S. McKelvey
Heidi M. McKinney
Shannon Lowe
Brian McLean
Heather Rose McPherson
Janet Mills McPherson
Robyn Lague Mendes
Katherine Gomes
Ella Minix
Virginia Tillman Moll
Angelita Francisca Montano
Stephanie Morales
Dario Morales
Alice Morrin
Jody Lee Morrow
Kevin Mote
Rebecca Moulton
Katelyn Mrozinski
Brittany Nichols
Marciela Noriega
Tiana Notice
Sharon Kathleen Nyren
Alexis Oesterle
Lisa Olivera
Christine Ong
Erica Ostenson
Candice L. Ouellette
Brian Oxner
Tony Padilla
Pamela Page
David W. Palm
Michelle Papio
Brenda Delphine Parker
Lisa Pattison
Pamela Payne-Bennett
Jennifer Peak
Samantha Peterson
Barbara Jean Phillips
Tammy Pickett
Lisa Porter
Trudy Kline Propps
Penha Quiterio
Alma Ramos
Melanie Diana Ray
Renee Redmer
Emina Redza
Gabrielle Reece
Cody Reetz
Cherlyn Reyes
Jessy B. Richardson
Edward William Riddle
Ana Rios
Lori Roberts
Giselle Rodriguez
Marcela Rodriguez
Natalie Romine
Silvia Rosa
Heather M. Rush
Tammy Saldana
Claudia Sanchez
Christina Santana
Carmen Santos-Padilla
Savang Sath
Nicole Scheiber
Deanna Elizabeth Scherhorn
Kelly Wing Schmidt
Julius Scott
Lynda Schowengerdy
Alexander Walker
Kandice Sue Smith
Kimberly Smith
Christine M. Staeven
Beth Stayer
Theresa L. Still
Jammie Shatel Street
Tanisha Strong
Pamela A. Taschuk
Dawn Taylor
Linda Malone Thomas
Darrellwar ‘RoRo’ Tillman
Tina Marie Tracy
Kathryne Tucker
Phyllis Tucker
Cynthia Tyler
Pa Hou Vang
Kathleen Vargas
Omar Vera-Marti
Juvenile Female Victim
Priscilla Walker
Caitlin Walter
Ashley Denise Ward
Angela Warnock
Jean A. Wassenaar
Deneisha Watford
Charney Danell Watt
Dale Webber
Francesca M. ‘Francie’ Weber
Aaron Wedel
Michelle Welch
Sandra Wengerd
Amy White
Jeanie White
Lula White
Teresa Wilkinson
Erica Ann Wilson
Mary Wireman
Susan Woolf
Amenda Yang
Cheyenne Yarley
Tigist Yemane
William Thomas Young

Lisa Pattison IN 07-02-2009

Lisa Pattison, 36

IN, Wabash

July 2, 2009

Brian McLean NC 07-16-2009

Brian McLean, 35

NC, Laurinburg, Scotland Co.

July 16, 2009

Brian was allegedly shot and murdered by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Aubrey Odum, 28.

Source: - North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Homicides - 2009 Homicides - 2009 Homicide Report - 2002-2010 NCCADV Comprehensive Homicide Report

Jennifer Linnear MN 03-05-2009

Jennifer Linnear, 26

MN, St. Paul

March 5, 2009

Shoua Lee WI 12-31-2009

Shoua Lee, 41

WI, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co.

December 31, 2009

Lee Yang, 56, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting death of Shoua.

A jury trial is scheduled for October 11, 2010.

Shoua was in a relationship with Lee Yang’s former wife.

Milwaukee, Milwaukee County

In April 2011, a jury convicted Lee Yang of first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting death of Shoua.

He was sentenced to life in prison with eligibility for extended supervision after serving forty years.

Shoua was in a relationship with Lee Yang’s former wife.

Source: - Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Homicide Reports - 2009 DV Homicide Report

Bernice Jackson WI 05-25-2009

Bernice Jackson, 37

WI, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co.

May 25, 2009

Shot to death by her sister’s former husband, Clyde Tally, 35, who had appeared at a family gathering and attempted to take his twelve-year-old daughter with him. After leaving and returning, he again drove away, firing the shots that killed Bernice and injured a seventeen-year-old boy.

Clyde Tally pled guilty to charges of first-degree reckless homicide and first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

He was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison and seven years of extended supervision for the homicide and an additional period of incarceration and supervision on the second charge, to run concurrently.

Source: - Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Homicide Reports - 2009 DV Homicide Report

Sgt. Hutchens NC 10-07-2009

Sgt. Mickey Hutchens, 50

NC, Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co.

October 7, 2009

Sgt. Mickey Hutchens was allegedly shot and murdered by Monte Denard Evans, 35, while he was responding to a DV related call.

Source: - North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Homicides - 2009 Homicides - 2009 Homicide Report - 2002-2010 NCCADV Comprehensive Homicide Report

Jose Fuentes MA 02-21-2009

Jose Fuentes, 27

MA, Haverhill

February 21, 2009

Steven Dolittle UT 11-26-2009

Steven J. Dolittle, 41

UT, West Valley City

November 26, 2009

Please Share Information on Loved Ones & Friends

We at Le Chrysalis are attempted to gain as much knowledge about every Victim of Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence) as possible so that we can share their stories and keep their Lives Alive through their Stories. We know that by learning what they went through and who they were we can help protect future victims from going through the same fate. Their Hobbies; their Jobs; their Likes and Dislikes; their Stories; their Pictures!…the more that is shared, the more we can Remember!

Please share any information you may have about a Victim! Let's not only Cherish the Names, Stories and Lives of those that have lost their fight to Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence), but take what they went through and take something positive out of it! We understand the pain, there are 3 on this list that are our Family members… Just know, that Together we Can and WILL make a difference!