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2012 We Remember



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2012 Statistics (coming soon)

The above alphabetical links are for the pages to those Remembered by last names with information that we’ve been able to gather.  If there were more than one person murdered at the time, the names will be listed under the “Primary Victims” last name.

Listings by State


Please, if you are a family member or friend with more information, please share so that we may share your loved one with others so that they can see and understand Domestic Violence better.  I understand first-hand how it feels to lose a loved one to DV, and while we can’t bring them back, we can help make sure someone else doesn’t die the same way.  We can make their deaths mean something!

Below is a listing of Names to be Remembered…


Jesse Adams
Katherina Allen
Kerri Allen
Anstin Cieria Alston
Farrah Christine Anderson
Farrahquan Idre Glenn
Deazjnae Banks
Kathleen Ann Bertrand
Cormella Teague Boyd
Mamie Caldwell Brown
Amy Byrd
Irene Clemmens
Kim Conover
Deanna Cook
Lisa Cooper
Larry Craig Cox
Custain ‘Casey’ Lovoya Crisp
Elizabeth Hope Cutler
Lisa Davenport
Samantha Davis
Larissa Estrada
Diana Townsend Finley
Martha Hendrikson Frech
Shawna Givens
Sarah Harris
Jessica Brynn Hart-Hall
Sherry Howard
Mary Ismail
Lynn Jackenheimer
Charlene Jones
John Henry Little
Cynthia Joyner
Chahnaz Kebaier
Annatassia Keise
Stephanie Lagrua
Hilma Barnett
Joan Marie Lark
James Larossa
Anita Renee Law
Kayentina ‘Kay’ Delores Little
Glenda Carolina Magana-Jiron
Deputy William Mast, Jr.
Catherine McCutcheon
Courtney McKinney
Shawntae Nicole McPherson
Lawrence McQueen
Roger Stew Moody
Kevin Moseby
Dawn Moss
Kadi Paden
Judith Patel
Nancy Margarita Pedraza
Marisol Rojas
Tiffany Janette Russell
Isidra Sarabio
JaLisa Scott
Amber Seymore
Kenneth Simmons
Crystal Rae Smith
Jennifer Crystal Smith
Luc Eric Gonzalez
Leasa Harper Smith
Courtney Speight
Joey Derek Squire
Vanessa Thorson
Donny Lee Tilly
Sharon Toran
Ida Victoria Valentine
Agata Vellotti
Amanda Wiles
Shelby Anne Wilkie
Emanee Womack
Pao Yang

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Please Share Information on Loved Ones & Friends

We at Le Chrysalis are attempted to gain as much knowledge about every Victim of Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence) as possible so that we can share their stories and keep their Lives Alive through their Stories. We know that by learning what they went through and who they were we can help protect future victims from going through the same fate. Their Hobbies; their Jobs; their Likes and Dislikes; their Stories; their Pictures!…the more that is shared, the more we can Remember!

Please share any information you may have about a Victim! Let's not only Cherish the Names, Stories and Lives of those that have lost their fight to Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence), but take what they went through and take something positive out of it! We understand the pain, there are 3 on this list that are our Family members… Just know, that Together we Can and WILL make a difference!