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Weekly Remembrance 02-14 - 02-20

Below you will find a list of those that Le Chrysalis is asking you to share to help Remember.

Weekly we will be sending out these lists, which you will find the Anniversaries of their murders fall during that week, so that they will be better Remembered and in hopes that it will help raise more Awareness of the issues that those that are now going through Domestic Violence are facing.  These lives must not have ended in vain!

Please, not only pass this information on, but visit the pages and please leave messages to their families, letting them know that you are praying and thinking of the families left behind, and that you are not letting their loved ones be forgotten.  Their families do look their names up periodically throughout the year, mostly during and around the date of their murder anniversary.

Together & Collectively we Can help those that have gotten out of Domestic Violence to Heal and Overcome!

Together we Can Support those that have lost loved ones to Domestic Violence and Never forget those that have been lost!

Together, we Can and WILL make a Difference!

Luz Forty MA 02-14-2009
Luz Forty, 38
MA, Dorchester
February 14, 2009

K'Lynn Low TX 02-14-2010
K'Lynn Low, 31
TX, Euless, Tarrant Co.
February 14, 2010

Brian Oxner NC 02-14-2009
Brian Oxner, 40
NC, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co.
February 14, 2009

Palaquachi-Cela & Palaquachi MA 02-14-2011
Maria Avelina Palaquachi-Cela, 25
Brian Palaquachi, 2
MA, Brockton
February 14, 2011

Carol Sharpe AZ 02-14-2004
Carol J. Sharpe, 53
AZ, Tucson
February 14, 2004

Teresa Marie Wright TX 02-14-2010
Teresa Marie Wright, 33
TX, Texas City, Galveston Co.
February 14, 2010

Carrie Dean Stroope TX 02-15-2010
Carrie Dean Stroope, 42
TX, Gatesville, Coryell Co.
February 15, 2010

Phyllis Tucker AZ 02-15-2009
Phyllis Tucker, 48
AZ, Peoria
Attacked: February 9, 2009
Died: February 15, 2009

FV & PA 02-15-2004
Female Victim, 46
PA, Ellwood City, Lawrence Co.
February 15, 2004

Eufemia Bautista TX 02-16-2010
Eufemia Avila Bautista, 54
TX, Conroe, Montgomery Co.
February 16, 2010

Jackson & Brown WI 02-16-2010
Sherry Jackson, 28
Mario Brown, 25
WI, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co.
February 16, 2010

FV & Son PA 02-16-2004
Female Victim, 43
Son, 13
PA, Lancaster, Lancaster/Blair Co.
February 16, 2004

Tony Padilla UT 02-17-2009
Tony Padilla, 22
UT, Ogden
February 17, 2009

Sandra Valladares TX 02-17-2010
Sandra Valladares, 35
TX, Houston, Harris Co.
February 17, 2010

Martha Martinez TX 02-18-2010
Martha Martinez, 22
TX, Haltom City, Tarrant Co.
February 18, 2010

Alma Alonso TX 02-19-2010
Alma Alonso, 48
TX, Dallas, Dallas Co.
February 19, 2010

Joel Echols MA 02-19-2011
Joel Echols, 45
MA, Springfield
February 19, 2011

Vanessa Mintz NC 02-19-2011
Vanessa Mintz
NC, Saluda, Polk Co.
February 19, 2011

FV & Son UT 02-19-2011
Female Victim, 42
Son, 19
UT, Washington Co.
February 19, 2011

Karon Barrow NC 02-20-2010
Karon Barrow, 21
NC, Shelby, Cleveland Co.
February 20, 2010

Melinda Gonzalez & Fetus AZ 02-20-2004
Melinda Alma Gonzalez, 20
Unborn Child, 3mo Gest.
AZ, Tucson
February 20, 2004

Jones & Little NC 02-20-2012
Charlene Jones, 42
John Henry Little, 61
NC, Elm City, Wilson Co.
February 20, 2012

Nickle & Newcomer IN 02-20-2010
Linda Nickle, 61
Elizabeth Newcomer, 24
IN, Marion
February 20, 2010

Kadi Paden NC 02-20-2012
Kadi Paden, 19
NC, Concord, Cabarrus Co.
February 20, 2012

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Please Share Information on Loved Ones & Friends

We at Le Chrysalis are attempted to gain as much knowledge about every Victim of Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence) as possible so that we can share their stories and keep their Lives Alive through their Stories. We know that by learning what they went through and who they were we can help protect future victims from going through the same fate. Their Hobbies; their Jobs; their Likes and Dislikes; their Stories; their Pictures!…the more that is shared, the more we can Remember!

Please share any information you may have about a Victim! Let's not only Cherish the Names, Stories and Lives of those that have lost their fight to Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence), but take what they went through and take something positive out of it! We understand the pain, there are 3 on this list that are our Family members… Just know, that Together we Can and WILL make a difference!