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Coletta Larson WI 02-25-2004

Coletta D. Larson, 42
WI, Portage, Columbia Co.
February 25, 2004
Colette's murder has left behind her 14yr old Daughter to live with family friends & her 18mo old Son in the care of her sister without her in their lives

Colette was beaten to death by her estranged husband, Alan Larson, 39. On the evening of the murder, Colette and Alan reportedly argued about custody issues related to their 18 month old son. Alan then beat her, breaking numerous ribs, and strangled her. As she was dying, he stabbed her multiple times in the neck with a pair of scissors and left her to die.

Colette’s 14 year old daughter arrived home from church and found her mother in the room adjoining the kitchen, barely alive. She got help from a family friend who had just given her a ride home. The friend called 911 and attempted to revive Colette with CPR. When police arrived on the scene, Colette’s daughter told them, “I bet Al did this, he hates my mom.” Colette’s 18 month old son was upstairs at the time of her murder and was unharmed.

After Alan murdered Colette, he went to a bar and played a video game. He then drove to his residence where he was found by police with blood on his clothing, glasses and money and fresh cuts on his hand. Colette and Alan had been married for two years. She had filed for divorce 13 days prior to the homicide and Alan moved out a few days later. He was reportedly upset about their pending divorce. A week before the murder, a bartender overheard him say, “People don’t know what I’m capable of” in reference to his divorce.

Alan had been charged twice with domestic battery in the last ten years. In March of 2003, he was convicted of Disorderly Conduct against Colette and received a fine. In 1994, he was convicted of striking a different woman, throwing her down a flight of stairs and fleeing from police officers. He received four months in jail and two years of probation for that incident.

No trial was held in Colette’s murder because Alan Larson pled no contest to First Degree Intentional Homicide. He received life imprisonment with no possibility of extended supervision.

Source: - Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Homicide Reports - 2004 DV Homicide Report 

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