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Weekly Remembrance 03-14 thru 03-20

Below you will find a list of those that Le Chrysalis is asking you to share to help Remember.

Weekly we will be sending out these lists, which you will find the anniversaries of their murders fall during that week, so that they will be better Remembered and in hopes that it will help raise more Awareness of the issues that those that are now going through Domestic Violence are facing.  These lives must not have ended in vain!

Please, not only pass this information on, but visit the pages and please leave messages to their families, letting them know that you are praying and thinking of the families left behind, and that you are not letting their loved ones be forgotten.  Their families do look their names up periodically throughout the year, mostly during and around the date of their murder anniversary.

Together, we can help PREVENT more loved ones lives from being lost to Domestic Violence!

Together & Collectively we Can help those that have gotten out of Domestic Violence to Heal and Overcome!

Together we Can Support those that have lost loved ones to Domestic Violence and Never forget those that have been lost!

Together, we Can and WILL make a Difference!

The following we keep in special Remembrance this week…

FV PA Londonderry Township Chester Co 03-14-2005

FV MV PA Monroeville Allegheny Co 03-14-2008

FV PA Olney Philadelphia Co 03-14-2001

FV PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Co 03-14-1998

FV PA York York Co 03-14-2006

Stephen T Clark NC 03-14-2007

Kimberly Cornwell AZ 03-14-2016

Christina Davis-Land NC 03-14-2020

Alma De Hoyos TX 03-14-2011

Aurora Delgado MN 03-14-1993

Jonathan Hogue AZ 03-14-2010

Lori B Lewis MN 03-14-1998

Lucy M Muller MA 03-14-2007

Tammy M Phillips NC 03-14-2016

Xiomara Robles MA 03-14-2007

Larry Self IN 03-14-2010

Ann Weiland MN 03-14-1994

Shantell D Williams NC 03-14-2017

Ray-Mason-Max & Lisa Mansfield-John & Nicole Sanderford NC 03-15-2020

Rebecca Baldwin NC 03-15-2020

Judy Brown Brock NC 03-15-2019

Simone Bush IN 03-15-2014

Amanda L Butler TX 03-15-2012

Michele Dean TX 03-15-2007

Mark Franklin Jr MN 03-15-2019

Stephanie Herdman AZ 03-15-2019

Kevin M Hurley NC 03-15-2013

Deidra Isenhour NC 03-15-2003

Tisheena Kanuho AZ 03-15-2013

Lisa Koestler MN 03-15-2000

Maria R Lambert TX 03-15-1998

Jennifer Lilly NC 03-15-2015

Kelly M Pruitt NC 03-15-2013

Amelia A Ramirez MN 03-15-2014

Ingrid & Unborn Child Smith TX 03-15-2005

Tynesha Stewart TX 03-15-2007

FV PA Mt Lebanon Alleghany Co 03-16-2002

FV PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Co 03-16-2002

FV PA Whitpain Montgomery Co 03-16-2000

Tiffany Granquist WA 03-16-2002

Michelle Ivan & Son Hughes TX 03-16-2012

Boy Children Iriarte AZ Glendale 03-16-2012

Brenda Laguna WI 03-16-2005

Tai Nguyen MA 03-16-2007

Carrie Richardson IN 03-16-2014

Kriston Sjoberg Ellen Bauer MN 03-16-1998

Debra L Tolano AZ 03-16-2001

Cornie Williams TX 03-16-2002

FV PA Muhlenberg Township Berks Co 03-17-1999

FV PA Petrolia Butler Co 03-17-2000

Noel Bies AZ 03-17-2003

Linda Boehme MN 03-17-2015

Omah F Carter TX 03-17-2002

Christopher T Dial NC 03-17-2006

Lucilla Flores AZ 03-17-2006

Jones & Lankford IN 03-17-2014

McMillon & Olson NC 03-17-2017

Tammy Mattison AZ 03-17-2017

Joann Mier TX 03-17-2009

Consuelo Parker AZ 03-17-2006

Cynthia Parmenter TX 03-17-2005

Carol Parsons WA 03-17-2010

Jessica Ramirez AZ 03-17-2001

Carol D Reagan NC 03-17-2007

Kimberly Thomas TX 03-17-2001

Lee Ann Tunks David TX 03-17-1998

Janice Wenker AZ 03-17-2007

FV PA W Philadelphia Philadelphia Co 03-18-2009

FV & GC PA Towamencin Township Montgomery Co 03-18-2003

TMV AZ Peoria 03-18-2006

Razida Ali TX 03-18-2013

George Berndt Jr MN 03-18-2001

Dorease L Clarke AZ 03-18-2014

Elisabeta Filip TX 03-18-2013

Jaqueline Guest TX 03-18-2000

Abel & Esther Hillman MN 03-18-2001

Donna Jackson TX 03-18-2011

Janet Martinez NC 03-18-2005

Jane Moore IN 03-18-2019

Gloria Raines NC 03-18-2016

Charlene Sade Alvarez NC 03-18-2017

Ronald Whitehead WA 03-18-2005

FV & MV PA Bensalem Bucks Co 03-19-2001

FV PA Carlisle Cumberland Co 03-19-2002

FV PA Fairview York Co 03-19-2004

FV PA Lancaster Lancaster Co 03-19-1998

FV AZ Phoenix 03-19-2003

GV BV PA Reading Berks Co 03-19-2000

GC & BC PA Reading Berks Co 03-19-2000

Robin Bowman-Kitchen MN 03-19-1995

Joan Dougherty AZ 03-19-2000

Norma J Henry AZ 03-19-2012

Velma Lynch NC 03-19-2005

Catina Murphy TX 03-19-2013

Randy Phillips AZ 03-19-2016

Lynda Sanon CT 03-19-2011

Tonia L Sasser Pope NC 03-19-2002

Donna Willhite TX 03-19-2007

Christina A Wood AZ 03-19-2006

Officer Alex Yazzie AZ 03-19-2015

FV PA Exeter Luzerne Co 03-20-2009

FV PA Pittsburgh Alleghany Co 03-20-1998

MV WA 03-20-2013

MV PA York York Co 03-20-2008

Craig Birkholz WI 03-20-2011

Jaqueline Bouvier Hardy IN 03-20-2013

Misty Brown TX 03-20-1999

Albert Cameron IN 03-20-2019

Vanessa & Raymond Fausto AZ 03-20-1998

Natasha McDade TX 03-20-2013

Tayma Ramos AZ 03-20-2010

Linda Sterrett AZ 03-20-2007

Andrea D Tatum DC 03-20-2014

Sandra Witt & Friends TX 03-20-1999

Thank you for keeping those that have passed on due to domestic violence in your thoughts & prayers...

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Please Share Information on Loved Ones & Friends

We at Le Chrysalis are attempted to gain as much knowledge about every Victim of Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence) as possible so that we can share their stories and keep their Lives Alive through their Stories. We know that by learning what they went through and who they were we can help protect future victims from going through the same fate. Their Hobbies; their Jobs; their Likes and Dislikes; their Stories; their Pictures!…the more that is shared, the more we can Remember!

Please share any information you may have about a Victim! Let's not only Cherish the Names, Stories and Lives of those that have lost their fight to Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence), but take what they went through and take something positive out of it! We understand the pain, there are 3 on this list that are our Family members… Just know, that Together we Can and WILL make a difference!